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Camp Musubi is a week-long Nikkei heritage day camp for middle school-aged students. It uses fun activities to teach incoming 6th, 7th and 8th graders about Japanese American history, culture and community. Camp Musubi was developed by the Ties That Bind group in 2003 with the goal of sparking the interest of the next generation of Japanese American leaders through hands-on experiences and interactions with people in the community. Participants meet other Nikkei youth from around Los Angeles County learn from a variety of cultural and community "experts" and do group activities with a college-aged leader.

Camp Musubi takes place each summer. To learn more about Camp Musubi, please check the website (www.campmusubi.org)



Kizuna is all about building future leaders for our Japanese American community. The goal of Kizuna programs are to empower, engage and build activism amongst Nikkei youth. Additionally, they seek to create a space within our community and amongst our organization for youth to exercise their leadership in a way that benefits our community.
All of our programs utilize a hands on, interactive way of building skills, confidence and a knowledge base amongst the next generation. Kizuna mixes education with practical service learning.

Kizuna envision a Nikkei community revolutionized by a new generation of community stakeholders, working in solidarity with others to ensure a just society where vibrant communities nurture and engage future generations.

As part of the AAPI community, Kizuna's mission is to build a vibrant Nikkei community by:

More About Kizuna
Check out the programs to learn more about how Kizuna is building a future for the community by logging on to their website at: www.kizuna-la.org

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